Heavily inspired by the freewheeling, conscious and positive styling’s of Hip-Hop’s ‘Daisy Age’, Strange Love offer a surprising blend of Jazz, Neo-soul, skewed beats and delicately crafted razor sharp lyricism.

The 6 members, Sam Morgan (Sampler/Percussion), Harry Christelis (Guitar/Bass/Sampler), Ben Pollock (Cello/Guitar/Harp/Sampler), Daniel Harrison (Vocals/Sampler), Josh Grey-Jung (Vocals/Synth/Sampler), Jack Derbyshire (Vocals/Effects Processing) have been playing together since late 2011 and have a lot in store for 2012. Stay tuned for an upcoming EP and live performances in the near future.

Catch Mc’s Freedom, Chango Flash and Jaka Boski ripping up the freestyle jam on the first Sunday of every month at The Others in Stamford hill, Word Is Born. Below is a link to a side project created by Chango and Freedom.


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