In February 2012 Soul Rub Records issued its first release the FUR EP by live-hip-hop bomb-drop FUR. The release on 12″ vinyl, CD and digital download is now available online from bandcamp as well as on iTunes.

Praise for the FUR EP:

“Rock solid E.P. of live HipHop greatness that brings to mind the first Roots album and Breakestra but Fur have the knack of making the live hiphop sound their own…In amongst that funk percussion and groove-laden instrumentation we have snatches of dub echo, breaks and some fantastic vocals (as well as flows)…Very limited and recommended too! Snap this up fast!” Jumbo Records

“FUR’s post-Dilla take on Hip Hop fuses the best of British with influences from West African musical traditions. Having torn up the festival circuit this year, the tired accolade of ‘ones to watch’ doesn’t quite convey the electric energy they bring to the stage. BIG TINGS!!!!!!” DJ Cal Jader – Movimientos Records

…they produce the sort of music I love writing about; original, tasteful output with outreach to a much broader audience. Indeed, their sound aims to transcend the monolithic entity of UK hip-hop by bridging traditional and modern musical styles from all over the globe”. Tom Clements – Independent UK Hip-Hop Blogger

“refreshingly not shit” – Ed – an average guy living in Birmingham

The vinyl is also available from:

Jumbo Records in Leeds

Rise Music in Brisol

Sister Ray in London

Watch this space for future releases from members of the Soul Rub Fam.


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