November Ultrasound Podcast

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Word Is Born syndicate overlords Blythe Pepino, Josh Solnick & Greg Sanders talk to November perfomers Sean Mahoney, Jamie Doe (The Magic Lantern) & Sam Rapley (Pocket-Size), and play some tunes they’ve picked.


Word is Born



Friday 15th November – Pocket Size, Magic Lantern, Sean Mahoney

15th November


Exciting new quartet of up and coming young musicians their music takes elements of jazz and improvand mixes them with other genres to create exciting new sounds that are accessible to everyone.
Featuring Corrie Dick – drums, Tom McCredie – bass, Joe Wright & Sam Rapley – tenor saxes

Sean Mahoney
Hailing from the borough of Camden, Sean Mahoney is a comedian and spoken word artist. He’s won literary death match in London and Dublin and has performed poetry for channel 4’s Random Acts. He had a Dreamcast. He still loves the Dreamcast.

The Magic Lantern
Magic Lantern is the moniker of London based musician Jamie Doe (b. 1985 Canberra, Australia) who writes songs that sound deceptively spare and starkly beautiful, but which open up to reveal a warmth, humour and wisdom that belies his age.




Word is Born – Ultrasound Podcast #1

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In case you missed it. Catch up with the artists from the October Word is Born with the Ultrasound Podcast, featuring Tal Janes, orchestrator of the Tal Janes Quintet, and Chango Flash from Strangelove.


Chango Flash – Saucy Bizness & Tree-tape


Friday 18th October

Flyer by Finbar Lenahan


RMJ – Green Emerald

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