Word is Born – 6th May

  • ——————Wolperdinger———————-Ellie Rose Rusbridge, Blythe Pepino, Bellatrix, Daisy Palmer. All girl, all playing, all-singing. 4 of the best musicians you’ll see in a long time playing totally original and unique songs. Brand new project, not to be missed!—————Ogmios & Jon Digger——————

    Soul Rub Legend and Word is Born regular Ogmios returns with another dulcet toned set, joined by Jon Digger deadly-master of half-time and hip-hop. Recently Ogmios has been taking the Don’t Flop battle league by storm. Here you’ll see him in his natural habitat, chilled out and vibing but if you want to hear how he’s been stealing rappers cars and smashing them up Street Fighter style then check his recent battle against Aukes here:


    —————–Soul Rub Jam Session—————–

    Word is Born is a night of chilled out soul-warming semi-acousticness that has been running for over 2 years in the Manor of Stoke Newington. The focus is on live hip-hop in an intimate and comfortable setting (so you can actually hear the lyrics!) but also touches on funk, jazz, reggae, world, performance poetry and whatever else we like.

    The night involves 3 live acts, before evolving into a jaw-dropping hip-hop jam session that never fails to burn bright. Held down by the Soul Rub fam and regularly attended by many of London’s best rappers: Pendragon, Freedom, Chango Flash, Jakaboski, Murmur of the FUR, Ogmios. It is a very welcoming vibe so rappers/mcs/singers/musicians come one come all to the Word is Born hearth. It’s banging.

    The night has played host to a number of fantastic live acts such as: Dizraeli & Bellatrix, Nitefly, the Boxettes, Nah Mean, Parallel, Mowgli, Elli Rusbridge, FUR, the Yuya, J.H. Collective etc.

6 and 8 Manor House Road, Stoke Newington, N16 5SA London, United Kingdom

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